Beware of Campus interviews and Fake Offer letters being sent in the name of Mahaveer Infoway Ltd...

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Attention Job Aspirants & Applicants

Looking for a job at you best trails and you have received an offer of Letter from any of the unknown person and if you smell something suspicious, well, you need to be alert and investigate.

There have been increasing incidences of job portals and some unscrupulous elements of our society reaching out to susceptible job aspirants making fake job offers in the name of Mahaveer Infoway Limited. This is an instance of identity theft & ‘reputation damage’. We would like to state that we are not resort to such means of recruitment. Any job offer made in the name of Mahaveer Infoway Limited on the condition that the candidates make a payment to a specified bank account or in cash should be construed as a ‘Fake Offer’. Mahaveer Infoway Limited will not be liable for any kind of loss incurred or damage suffered as a result of individuals dealing with such corrupt entities. We also observed that some of the unknown persons are conducting Campus Drives / Campus selections at third party premises and issuing the fake offer letters.

Mahaveer Infoway Limited also will not validate any claims on such cases. We sincerely, suggest getting all mail confirmations from before accepting any kind of opportunities. We also inform that all official offer letter hard copies will be issued at our office directly to the successful aspirant, but not to the third parties. "

If you receive any suspicious or fraudulent offers, information please emails us at and mark 'Fake Job Offer ' in the subject line.

Here are some tips to help you identify hoax email job offers:
Such emails generally come from a free, public domain email account (such as or and not a company email id such as “” Please note some time the original mail id could be masked using Techmahindra’s name.
They request a cash deposit in a bank account or payment in some other forms.
They ask for personal details such as bank account, credit card number, personal address, social security/PAN number.
If the email begins with "Dear Sir" or "Dear User", the sender of the email does not know you by name. A legitimate source will address you with a proper salutation, which contains your last name.

Another way to identify fraudulent job offers is when you spot several grammatical errors in the email text. This would not usually happen in an email from a legitimate company.
In case of doubt, please contact your TPO who can provide email id of campus recruiters with who you can get in touch to verify.
Bottom line is payment. No company worth itself will ever ask for payment to offer a job. Reputed companies use the exercise of recruitment to look for quality employees, not to generate revenue.

Interview or meeting with the recruiter should be in an office building within office campus/premises and not on the parking, reception, or any other premise.

We prefer applications through our website. Please note that no recruitment agency/individual is authorized to deal with or finalise any kind of financial or other terms on behalf of the Company. Candidates are advised to deal with the Company directly for such matters. The Company shall not be responsible for any claim arising out of misrepresentation given by any recruitment agency/individual. For further information/clarification, please write to